In an article by Grace Nasri on Fastweb from May 9, 2013, eight successful entrepreneurs of our time give advice to younger versions of themselves.  Students of today should listen to the advice of these gurus, as it is often the case that those willing to take risks reap the biggest rewards.  Regardless, these individuals have the knowledge of what it takes to succeed without having a benchmark to follow.  Below is a summary of each entrepreneur's advice:

  1. Tim Westergren: Founder of Pandora - "Avoid of the risk of not trying, and the regret of wishing you had tried."
  2. Jimmy Wales  Founder of Wikipedia - "Spend wisely in your early life so that you can achieve financial independence and follow your dreams.  Investments such as student loans are investments in your dreams."
  3. Bill Ready: CEO of Braintree - "Surround yourself with great people, listen to them, and be fearless in your pursuit of game changing ideas."
  4. Alexader Ljung: Cofounder of SoundCloud - "Realize of the Power of simplicity and focus on the user experience."
  5. Philipee Courtot: CEO of Qualys - "Stop focusing on what makes you unhappy and focus on what makes you happy.  By doing so, you will put the required time, energy, and resources into projects you truly care about."
  6. Bing Gordon: General Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers - "Work as hard as you can, and then work harder.  Overachieve early and keep on achieving."
  7. Paul Bennett: Chief Creative Officer at IDEO -  "Take the time to listen and slow yourself down."
  8. Scott Weiss: Partner at  Andreessen Horowitz - "Aim high and be ridiculously persistent.  Your happiness is the intersection of your passions and learning from great people."