I just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on several of the trends and topics I learned during my time in London for the 21st Century Law Practice summer course. 

First, I highly recommend that if you are planning on taking a trip to the United Kingdom, do it.  The time I spent in London went too fast and there is way too much to see there.  The city is amazing and public transport via the tube is affordable and inexpensive.  

The classes I attended focused on the delivery of legal services in the 21st century, emerging trends in technology, comparative law with the United Kingdom, and a brief overview of the design of a 21st century law firm.

In our technology class, we focused on emerging trends in tech broadly and the implications of these technologies for the delivery of legal services.  In addition, we discussed Moore's and Kryder's laws and the "second half of the chessboard" in terms of the potential limitless explosion of computing power in the coming decade.  

In our comparative law class, we discussed the differences in legal practice between the United States and the United Kingdom.  The main focus of this course dealt with the deregulation of the legal services in 2007 with the United Kingdom's passage of the Legal Services Act.  The act allows for the creation of "unorthodox" legal business models upon the issuance of a license.  In addition, the act creates an oversight board (The Legal Services Board), who oversees the delivery of legal services in the United Kingdom.

Finally, our third course focused on the delivery of legal services in the 21st century.  In the first half of the course, we discussed several new entrants in the delivery of legal services including LegalZoom and Axiom Law.  In addition, our class covered topics including legal marketing, mobile delivery, and overhead-free law practice.   

While just a brief overview of the topics covered in our classes, the entire experience gives a different perspective on a legal career often not explored in traditional law classes.  Having attended this course, I hope to integrate any and all of these practices into my career and to become more involved in this space.  In order to meet this goal, I have created this website and will attempt to write about new topics, trends, and news in these respective fields.