"The name of the game today is Fixed Fee."

Recently, Reinvent Law was able to put on a Legal Project Management Boot camp with Larry Bridgesmith.  Larry works as an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law and is the Chief Relationship Officer at ERM Legal Solutions.   The boot camp took place at MSUCOL's campus over two days with an emphasis and focus on legal process management, which is different from project management simply applied to law firms.  

In addition, we were able to have several speakers during the series that covered a variety of legal process management topics and practices.  These included Vanderbilt's Associate Dean at the School of Business Nancy Hyer, Kathleen Pearson from Pillsbury, David Rueff of Baker Donelson, and Marc Jenkins, who is the Chief Strategic Officer of Cicayda.

During the Boot camp we discussed how project management fits in the practice of law.  For example, a piece of litigation can be described as a project, which would allow a firm to capture statistics about time measurement, efficiency, and correlations to cost management.

It was an amazing experience and those who participated received the first-ever Legal Project Management "Belts" of white or green in honor of Michigan State.